10 great eco tips for hotels

Love the planet and your guests will love you. Implement these eco tips to make your establishment more environmentally friendly.

  1. Recycle waste: Aim for a zero waste to landfill goal. Start sorting your waste, and contract a company to sort and remove your recyclable waste (Plastic, cans, paper, glass) to a recycling depot.
  2. Don’t waste food: Contract a charity organisation to take leftover food. Arrange for a recycling company to collect your wet food waste, which can be recycled into compost.
  3. Save water: Install rainwater tanks and grey water systems to minimise water wastage. Place notices in bathrooms asking guests to be more waterwise.
  4. Rethink bottled water: Change the way you offer guests water. Just #SayNoToPlastic and replaced plastic bottled water with water filtration systems on site, decant filtered water into re-useable glass bottles and jugs. Explain your policy to your guests and offer them the option to buy a branded eco-friendly re-useable water bottle to take out and about.
  5. Review your bathrooms: Get rid of baths where possible and install rain showers that feel luxurious but use far less water. Stop offering miniature toiletries in plastic packaging, rather secure larger permanent refillable bottles in the bathroom.
  6. Rethink Straws: This might seem small but it has a big impact. Stop offering plastic straws with your beverages. Keep paper or bamboo straws on hand if guests request a straw.
  7. Save electricity: Use efficient lighting and heating systems to reduce your electricity use and carbon footprint. Invest in solar PV rooftop systems or wind power.
  8. Educate: Explain your eco policies to your guests and enlist their support. Eco practices can become a selling point, plus you will earn their respect. Hopefully they will start changing their habits and will reward you with their ongoing support.
  9. Buy local: Try to source most of your fresh produce locally and shy away from exotic and out of season goods. This way you support local producers and reduce your carbon footprint.
  10. Rethink chemicals: Source eco-friendly cleaning products, that won’t flush, spray or drain toxins into the environment. They’re better for your guests’ health too. If you use pesticides, source more environmentally friendly options. Be careful of rodent poisons which can kill owls.


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